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This is one of the biggest problems. It’s a problem everyone faces, but those on the spectrum it’s a huge issue. This is because we are outside the norm and society looks at us different. We are people and have feelings as well. Some of the biggest fears we face are: abandonment, making friends, socializing with people, and just plain old being accepted. Maybe of those on the spectrum have to whats called “Mask” which is pretending to normal just…

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I know I talked about my trip and how I handled things. But there is a time I was under a bit of stress and i felt my anxiety kick but I managed it well. I usually know when I am get stressed during a situation, I usually start to sweat and my voice trembles a bit. I became aware of the situation, I think to myself “Calm down, and relax”. It was about 5pm and I was leaving Berlin…

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Life Lessons Personal Stories


I know there are a lof of you out there who are afraid to travel. But if you become a slave to your disability you will never see the world the way it is intend to be seen. I know the thought of traveling scares a lot of you. The fear of being around people, unaware of your own surroundings, being in a new place, with different people. But you only live once. This is the reason I went away…

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This is so important. I know alot of you out there struggle with the fact you are stuck. Either you have severe autism where you sound or light bother you But you can’t let those things stop you from doing the stuff you love, also don’t let any despair stop you either. What I mean, if you got let go from a job due to company not sure how to deal with someone with our disability or losing a loved…

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