Never be afraid to step outside that zone you have around you. I know going outside your boundries is so very scary expecially for those of you who are interoverts and never ventured too far away from home.

Part you need to remind yourself, there is a whole wrold to explore outside your house and even your own home town.   There is so much culture and history to learn it just boggles the mind. 

I have tell myself “If I don’t push myself, I will never learn” a good example of this is with the courses I have taken in University.  People have asked me “why I didn’t take easier courses?” and my answser always is “Because if I took the easier stuff, I wouldn’t of learned anything.”  I would rather struggle and get help, this is how I learn. 

Going to University was a huge step outside my comfort zone, expecially across the pond, where you have so many different accents and being on my own.   You know what kept me from dropping out, was I needed to prove to my that I can handle it and I did, I also had to show those who doubted me, I was capable of handleing anything that came my way.  I took care of everythintg from cooking to banking.

So never be afraid to try new things and explore the world you live in, you will be amazed to what you will learn and find. Who knows you will also make new friends.


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