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This is a interested subject. This is because we may act funny or have different mannerisms. So girls think we are either stange or weird. But that is no reason to change who are.

I am sure the question you all would like to know is, have I had a girlfriend or a relationship before. To answer your question the answer is yes. I have had online relationships, that a whole story all together. Lets just say I was handed down from one friend to another, and have never met only texted or chatted online. ‘

Now I have had real relationships, I met the first two through chat rooms and the other two were just dates I went on I met through a dating site. They were really nice girls.

Now the thing I have to say to all of you is this, just because a girl rejects you doesn’t mean to give up. When I was away at school, some of the girls became some of my best friends who I stay in connect with to this day.

I can tell you this, my father used to tell me “You can ask ten girls out, one of them will say yes”  The important thing to remember is never change who you are for anyone. Be different, be proud.

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