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How many times have you walked into a interview sat down, gone through the whole process and at the end as you walked out thought you nailed it. Than later to either never get a call or to get a email weeks later saying the same old thing “Sorry but we have decided to go another direction” We all know these letter can lead to depression, because we were hoping we impresses the hiring manager. Do not feel alone I…

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Ireland Personal


I have talked a little about my adventures in Ireland. But I didn’t talk about the most beautiful time I had doing a bike tour around the Arran Islands.  Now there are certian things you need to remember. 1)have not, riden a bike in years, 2)I had no clue on when I should shift between gears and 3) I was way out shape despite walking all over campus back at school.. Now to give you a idea of how out…

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Life Lessons Personal


How do you look at your situation? There are those of us who look at it as a blessing to a answer. This is because we wanted to know why were different then the rest of the population. Having (ASD) or Asperger’s as it was originally called meant we were different from the rest of the world. As we look around we notice that others are doing things at a faster pace then we are doing it. But why? This…

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Life Lessons Personal Stories


Welcome to the first of many Collab Articles. I am collaborating this one with Allison from Unashamed Voices of Autism There will also be related stories from both us on how we dealt with it reflect back on it and what we could of done differently.. This will be a two part post about bullying. The first part will be about dealing with being an Autistic in high school and way to avoid being bullied and the second part will…

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Ireland Personal Stories


Ireland was so different for me. This is because I was not on my own, I was with a travel group. The flight Getting to the airport was not a big deal for me. But preparing days before making sure I had enough packed for my trip and making sure I got all my stuff sent home. My trip started right after I handed in my dissertation. I did research on how to back a suitcase without make things look…

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Germany Life Lessons Personal Stories


I know I talked about my trip and how I handled things. But there is a time I was under a bit of stress and i felt my anxiety kick but I managed it well. I usually know when I am get stressed during a situation, I usually start to sweat and my voice trembles a bit. I became aware of the situation, I think to myself “Calm down, and relax”. It was about 5pm and I was leaving Berlin…

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Life Lessons Personal Stories


I know there are a lof of you out there who are afraid to travel. But if you become a slave to your disability you will never see the world the way it is intend to be seen. I know the thought of traveling scares a lot of you. The fear of being around people, unaware of your own surroundings, being in a new place, with different people. But you only live once. This is the reason I went away…

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Life Lessons Personal Uncategorized


Everyone has a routine. But habits are something we repeat. Whats the difference between a routine and a habit? What is a routine? Every morning I get, I take a shower before 9am. Before I get in the shower, I turn it on, so it gets hot, than I proceed to take out my clothes for the day, than I say to myself “underwear, socks, pants, shirt, sweater.” Believe it or not this is a routine.. A routine is something…

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Life Lessons Personal Tips


Every day, is a Good Day Some days you may wake up feeling like crap and other days you just don’t want to get out of bed. Memories may come and go, and tears may start to well up. Life may seem impossible to navigate. Repeat after me, You were OK before, you will be OK again. I have had a disability for a long time, I just didn’t know what it was. You want to know the difference between…

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Grief Life Lessons Personal Tips


I know, I have talked about coping and I how I cope in situations. But dealing with loss is a very hard topic. Part of it is, I am bit more emotional than others. Now you may ask why am I bringing this up. The reason is, as I take stock of my life, I realize how many people I have lost to sickness or health. When you look at your life, you need to take stock of the people…

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