Why this blog?

That is a good question. The answer is simple, I want to share my experience with others, and let them know they are not alone in all of this and maybe others can learn from my experiences. This is all about me, and the trials and errors I have gone through while dealing with issues with my Asperger’s such as making friends, dealing with life, and life’s little setbacks such as losing my father.  All I can say life is…

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Learning at Your Own Pace

Have you ever wanted to goto college but you sensory issues keep you from going. Either you have problems socializing or the lights bother your eyes and just don’t like being around people. There is something for you. There is a site called Class Central & MOOCs are for you. Now the next question you are going to ask is what is class central and MOOC. Well a MOOC is a Massive Open Online Courses. You can click the link…

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The Meaning Behind the Logo

To some the logo of Aspergers Zone, may just be a man looking out to nothing, but to me it has a deeeper meaning. Being someone with Aspergers, it means we are always looking towards the future, to see what the future brings to us. We are alway striving to do better than everyone else. So in a way of representation, the mountains represent the our challenges we face every day, the man represents us as we face our challenges.…

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Ireland Personal

Bike Ride to Remember

I have talked a little about my adventures in Ireland. But I didn’t talk about the most beautiful time I had doing a bike tour around the Arran Islands.  Now there are certian things you need to remember. 1)have not, riden a bike in years, 2)I had no clue on when I should shift between gears and 3) I was way out shape despite walking all over campus back at school.. Now to give you a idea of how out…

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Life Lessons Personal

Blessing or Curse

How do you look at your situation? There are those of us who look at it as a blessing to a answer. This is because we wanted to know why were different then the rest of the population. Having (ASD) or Asperger’s as it was originally called meant we were different from the rest of the world. As we look around we notice that others are doing things at a faster pace then we are doing it. But why? This…

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Ireland Personal Stories

The Ireland Adventures

Ireland was so different for me. This is because I was not on my own, I was with a travel group. The flight Getting to the airport was not a big deal for me. But preparing days before making sure I had enough packed for my trip and making sure I got all my stuff sent home. My trip started right after I handed in my dissertation. I did research on how to back a suitcase without make things look…

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Germany Life Lessons Personal Stories

Panic in the Airport

I know I talked abotu my trip and how I handled things. But there is a time I was under a bit of stress and i felt my anxiety kick but I managed it well. I usually know when I am get stresseed during a situation, I usually start to sweat and my voice trembles a bit. I became aware of the situation, I think to myself “Calm down, and relax”. It was about 5pm and I was leaving Berlin…

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Life Lessons Personal Stories

Travel & Anxity

I know there are a lof of you out there who are afraid to travel. But if you become a slave to your disability you will never see the world the way it is intend to be seen. I know the thought of traveling scares a lot of you. The fear of being around people, unaware of your own surroundings, being in a new place, with different people. But you only live once. This is the reason I went away…

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Stories Tips

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Some of you may be wondering what it was like for me. Leaving the comforts of home going off to school on my own and traveling by myself. I know I have talked about my travels and the places I have gone but I never talked about what it was like traveling and dealing with my disability. The first thing I can say, going through life alone is hard enough, but than take me outside of my comforts and it’s…

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Original Poem

Your Not Alone

You’re not alone in this universe of ours, when you look up and see the stars. You see those stars shining down, know people from the past are guiding you on. Remember your family cares about you, they just don’t understand what your going though. They care a great deal about what you are feeling. So remeber you’re never alone. You’re not alone, when you walk down the street and stranger greets you with a smile and a simple hello.…

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Life Lessons Personal Uncategorized

Routines & Habits

Everyone has a routine. But habits are something we repeat. Whats the difference between a routine and a habit? What is a routine? Every morning I get, I take a shower before 9am. Before I get in the shower, I turn it on, so it gets hot, than I proceed to take out my clothes for the day, than I say to myself “underwear, socks, pants, shirt, sweater.” Believe it or not this is a routine.. A routine is something…

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